Cabin Fever Collective

The title of this post says it all. Cabin Fever Collective is Toronto’s new “it” shop. Located at 1669 Bloor W, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the shop is your one stop shop for art, photography, music and hot beverages to soothe your soul. Cabin Fever Collective will also have a bar, serving an outstanding collection of loose leaf teas and premium coffees. We’ve been waiting for a place like this to come around for years and couldn’t be happier that it’s finally arrived.

Owners Alex and Robyn have also made it their duty to showcase some of Toronto’s most talented artists, musicians and photographers. Their vision is simple, yet impactful; to have monthly exhibits from artists/photographers which will cover the shops walls. Opening night parties will take place for each exhibit, with the work on display and for sale throughout the month. Alex and Robyn welcome anyone who is interested in showcasing their work (which is not limited to only items you hang on a wall, as they will have shelf space to showcase) to send a link of your website/portfolio in an email to The first featured artist when the shop opens will be Robert Shaw, a local photographer with an amazing eye to detail. He’s putting together a macro series that looks incredible.

The shop will be celebrating its grand opening Saturday, December 22nd and will be open later than usual to celebrate the special occasion. If you’re in the city and want a place to browse through records, listen to some awesome music (wide selection and genres for everybody), take in talented artists and photographers whose work will be showcased, all while sipping your favourite warm beverage  Cabin Fever Collective is the only place to be in Toronto.

For more information on Cabin Fever Collective, make sure to stay connected with the shop through Facebook, Twitter and of course, the wonderful world-wide web.

Email –
Twitter – @cabinfeverco
Facebook – Cabin Fever Collective
Instagram – cabinfevercollective

*We’ll be on hand this weekend, so make sure to check back soon for pics*

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