There were rumblings last week of a possible Boy Meets World spin-off that would air on the Disney Channel titled Girl Meets World with the show centered around the main character Riley, who is Cory and Topanga’s child.  The show will see the Riley dealing with the every day struggles of growing up as well as her father (Cory) being her seventh grade history teacher.

Yeah, you read that right, characters Cory and Topanga are signed on for the spin-off. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of 90’s kids everywhere screaming of sheer joy!

Spin-Offs can always come off as cheesy or just not the same feel as its original show. Prime example was Joey. Joey in Manhattan with the rest of the group worked. Joey by himself with a cast that doesn’t bring out the character’s traits the audience has come to know and love? Not so much. Fans of the extremely popular Boy Meets World show won’t have to worry about that though, as both Cory and Topanga will be main characters.

We don’t know about you but the possibility of seeing Mr.Feeny again, has us looking forward to this spin-off!


  1. does anyone know when girl meets world will be airing?

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