ABC announced that “Happy Endings” was moving to Tuesday nights at 9/8c this season to anchor its new Tuesday night of comedy, along with “Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23” which airs right after in the 9:30PM ET time slot. Fans of both shows were excited to learn today that “Apartment 23” will be hosting a cross over episode with “Happy Endings” on October 30th, which will be “Apartment 23’s” Halloween episode.

The episode will see June reveal that she’s a “Happy Endings” fan. She then makes a video on her iPhone, similar to ones shippers make for their favourite TV show couples. Turns out she makes one of these videos for Chloe and one of the “Happy Endings” guys.  In the same episode, Chloe will meet her love interest and creates a video for him, which serves as the catalyst for the video. “She makes the video to show Chloe that true love is possible”, says “Apartment 23” creator Nahnatchka Kahn.

It’ll be funny to see which “Happy Endings” guy Chloe is in love with in the video since all three are off the market, as Brad has Jane, Dave started his relationship again with Alex and Max is gay.

Only way to find out is to watch the what will be, hilarious cross over episode, October 30th. Don’t forget, both shows return with their season premieres October 23rd 9/8c and 9:30/8:30 c on ABC.


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