Fans of Showtime’s hit TV show “Dexter” are thrilled that the show is back, currently in its seventh season. The premiere kicked off last Sunday to the show of many fans, with Deb pretty much finding out about Dexter within the first episode. Well, what does this mean for the remaining episodes of the season?

Showtime has unveiled a “Look Ahead” video which give fans a glimpse as to what’s in store for Dexter this season, which includes Deb thinking she can control or change Dexter after finding out aout his “dark passenger”, former lieutenant Maria LaGuerta believing the “Bay Harbour Butcher” is still in Miami as she found the blood slide Dexter had made when killing Travis on the altar at the end of last season, and as well as a new complication for Dexter, introducing fans to Hannah MacKay who may just know the truth about Dexter Morgan.

Check out the Season 7 “Look Ahead” video below (Warning: May include storyline spoilers).

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