“Big Brother” fans were on the edge of their seats tonight as the 90 minute season finale of “Big Brother 14” aired on CBS in the US and Global in Canada. The final three house guests competing for the grand prize were Danielle, Ian and Dan.

Dan had played, to some, a dirty game. Lying on the bible and family members lives to get him further in the game, week after week. The finale saw the last HOH (Head Of Household) competition of the summer, which was a three-part game. First Round saw the remaining three hanging on for dear life in an endurance competition, the second was a quickest time/obstacle course competition and the final in true “Big Brother” fashion was quiz based. In the first part, Dan won after Ian dropped early, and Danielle as well. Second round saw Ian besting Danielle, earning a quicker time in the obstacle course based competition. Ian also bested Dan in the quiz based final round. With Ian winning, he had the sole vote to evict a house guest of his choosing, voting out Danielle and keeping his final two deal to go with Dan to the end.

In the end, the jury voted for the super fan to win the game! Much to the surprise of many over social networks like Twitter as many thought Dan was a shoe-in to win, as he made the biggest moves this summer. Who can forget the biggest highlight of the summer; “Dan’s Funeral”? Dan was able to bring himself off the block, and make it to the finals, even though he had a huge target on his back throughout the game. Regardless, the jury believed Ian played the better game and awarded him the $500,000 grand prize. Remember folks, Dan came in as a coach this season and he had won a past season of the crazy game show, so it looked doubtful the jury members would award him the grand prize for a second time.

Another year has come to an end and another crazy season of “Big Brother” is in the books. A new season begins next summer and we’re thinking All-Star edition! There has only been one All-Stars edition of the game throughout the fourteen seasons and the fifteenth season would be perfect to see past house guests return to play the game.

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