The title of this post may have thrown you off. Don’t get us wrong, we believe ‘SUITS’ is TV’s hottest new show, but for fans that watch the USA network show, we know you’re saying to yourselves: “New? The show has already had one season, plus a second mid-season as well” and you’re correct. We call it new because the show has just ended their mid summer Season 2 finale and is not even two-years old yet. So for us, it’s still new.

Now that we got everything clarified, let’s talk about TV’s hottest show, that some people still unfortunately don’t know about, shall we?

Mike Ross is a brilliant, young college drop out, who decides to help his roommate with a drug deal by being the delivery guy. While running from the deal gone bad, he stumbles into Harvey Specter, by running into a building where Harvey is conducting interviews to hire a new lawyer for the Person Hardman law firm, where Harvey is senior partner. Harvey is impressed with Mike’s photographic knowledge, his uncanny encyclopaedic knowledge of law as well as his genuine drive and desire at wanting to become a lawyer. Harvey hires Mike but the only person who knows that he is not an actual lawyer is Donna, Harvey’s quick-witted, bombshell of a secretary. It seems like the two are unstoppable, winning cases for Pearson Hardman. With Harvey’s suave and cut-throat like attitude and Mike’s exceptional memory and drive, the two make an unstoppable team. Mike soon makes allies with Rachel, a stunning paralegal at the law firm, who seems as if she may have a special spot in her heart for Mike. The supporting cast almost steals the show with characters such as Jessica Pearson, managing partner of Pearson Hardman and who can forget Louis Litt? Louis is junior partner and quickly it becomes evident that Harvey and Louis aren’t best of friends. In fact, the two have a long-standing rivalry with each other. It may be because their interests, style and work ethics are completely opposite from one another or just maybe Louis has some underlining jealousy targeted towards Harvey.

We stated in the title of this post that ‘SUITS’ is TV’s hottest new show. The reason is simple – outstanding writing. This show isn’t even on any of the “major TV networks” but could easily anchor a “must see TV” line up. With clever dialogue between characters which almost always seems to include witty banter, this show has everything a lover of the drama genre is looking for. ‘SUITS’ takes place in New York City but the show often films in Toronto. Think of Toronto as a mini New York City, just cleaner with a little fewer people. If Canadian fans look closely, you can see some familiar Toronto landmarks and even street cars passing by in the background. It isn’t surprising that the show is on one of the most popular nights of the week, in TV’s most coveted time slot for dramas – Thursday nights at 10PM ET on USA Network.

‘SUITS’ just aired their Season 2 mid-season finale with the show set to return from the cliff-hanger everybody seems to be talking about this coming January 2013. That gives you enough time to catch up and watch the entire first season (10 episodes) along with the first half of season two. Trust us, you’ll be thanking us later.


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