Last Night’s episode of “Big Brother” put all the doubts to the rest that this season hasn’t been exciting or entertaining. We have two words for you all: Dan’s Funeral. In a hypothetic sense of course.

Last night saw the important Power of Veto (POV) competition. Danielle and Dan are on the chopping block together, and the only way either of those house guests can ensure his/her safety is to win the Golden Power of Veto. Unfortunately, neither of them accomplished this goal, but by the end of the episode it didn’t even matter.

The POV competition saw the house guests guess fans pictures from the popular social game app “Draw Something”. However, with each right guess came a consequence. Frank and Dan were neck and neck for first place to win the most coveted price in the “Big Brother” house, but when Frank got himself disqualified by helping out Britney, this left the door wide open for the other competitors. Dan had guessed a correct clue and in doing so, was awarded solitary confinement at his very own personal dance party. While in there, he came up with a master plan that shook the “Big Brother” house to its very foundation.

In one of his first acts after leaving solitary confinement Dan calls a house meeting and dubs it “Dan’s Funeral”. Here him and the remaining competitors shed tears as he opens up to them all and says a couple heart-warming things to all of them. Except Danielle. Dan says:

I thought if I picked you, you’d have similar traits to Memphis Garrett. Through my own fault, I was wrong. We don’t have to get into this now, but in this game, you’ll never get my trust back, you know what you know what you did and in this game you’re dead to me.

Dan came up with this master plan to have the house question Danielle’s integrity. In the mean time, Jenn wins POV and lets Frank know that he’s “not alone in this house”, meaning the two have made a new alliance and are working together. After his speech, Dan goes to Frank and throws the “Quack Pack” under the bus, telling him about everything that’s happened in the game. Including that Ian was the reason why Boogie left the house – not Dan. The two then make a final two deal and Dan goes to work on his damage control as Frank talks to Jenn about using the POV on Dan. Dan lets a shocked Danielle in on the newly formed alliance and why he had to do what he did during “Dan’s Funeral”. Jenn uses the POV, taking Dan off the chopping block and replacing him with Britney!

Dan single-handedly flipped the house and put all the power back into the palm of his hands without even winning the POV. To us, this may now be the all-time greatest move in “Big Brother” history! If all works well, Dan and Frank will be the final two sitting in the house come finale night.

What did you think of Dan’s move? Pure Evil or Pure Genius?


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  1. […] win, as he made the biggest moves this summer. Who can forget the biggest highlight of the summer; “Dan’s Funeral”? Dan was able to bring himself off the block, and make it to the finals, even though he had a huge […]

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