Eric Dane has confirmed that he’s leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” but now the question is will his character Mark Sloan suffer the same fate and die just like Lexie did at the end of last season?

Patrick Dempsey recently tweeted photos from the set with Eric in a hospital bed with tubes down his throat. The pictures have since been taken down but you can see them here and here. Most likely, he is being treated for wounds he suffered during the big plane crashed, but in a medical drama, no characters are safe. Not even main characters.

What are your thoughts? Would you want to see Mark Sloan die or be able to move on with his life after the death of Lexie?


  1. Jessica Toy says:

    move on… what about sofia


  1. […] Some doctors may make it to a hospital, but who’s to say they will survive their injuries? We reported earlier that Eric Dane who portrays Dr.Sloan, will be leaving the show after this season. Whether or not he […]

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