Today in the United States marks the 4th of July, which celebrates USA’s Independence. There’s no way you can over shadow that, but CBS certainly almost did as they released the newest “Big Brother” promo, which allows us to take a first look at this season’s house guests that will be playing the summer long game in the most famous house in the world of reality television.

The promo shows house guests, pledging allegiance to the game of “Big Brother”, promising to be kind, respectful, and to always play nice. Then bursting into laughter, because as well all know, “Big Brother” is all about alliances, backstabbing and betrayal, but in a competitive way of course. This season’s cast includes a tankerman, nurse, waitress, house flipper, marketing consultant, and of course a bartender (just to name a few).

Only 10 new house guests are shown in the spot. Either not all were chosen for the commercial, or the rumours of old house guests returning as mentors in a twist for this season may be true.

Either way, we’ll be glued to our TV’s July 12th to find out what unfolds.


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