It was announced today that MTV is in the works to bring Wes Craven’s überpopular film franchise “SCREAM” to the small screen. The franchise helped launch Canadian film star Neve Campbell into Hollywood super stardom back in 1996.

No word as of yet if Wes Craven or the original screen writer Kevin Williamson will play a role in bringing the hit film to MTV. The bigger question is whether Neve Campbell will be participating in the small screen adaptation. The actress filmed the sequel to the original trilogy, and has been quoted that she would be willing to return for a fifth instalment. Neve had admitted that filming the fourth instalment “wasn’t an easy shoot”. Whether or not her enthusiasm to film a fifth movie will translate to the TV show still has to be seen.

The big question is, which actors/actresses would you like to see star in the TV version of “SCREAM”? Maybe the most important question for fans of the franchise is, do you want to see “SCREAM” made into a TV show?

Have your say and let us know in the comments below.


  1. […] wasn’t long ago that we had blogged about MTV possibly developing a ‘SCREAM’ TV show and as of today it looks like the network has been given the green light to begin developing it. […]

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