Andy Samberg leaves ‘SNL’

‘SNL’ cast member Andy Samberg has officially confirmed that he will not be coming back for a new season of “Saturday Night Live” this fall as he has decided to move on with his career and close the ‘SNL’ chapter of his life.

Kristen Wiig was given an emotional send off this past season and decided to move on as well. Samberg was the creator of the “SNL Digital Shorts” including “Laser Cats”, “Mother Lover”, “Lazy Sunday” and of course “Dick in a Box” which were sketches that went viral on the web and was able to bring ‘SNL’ a bigger amount of popularity and exposure to those casual viewers which may not have seen the sketches on their respective original air dates.

Samberg fans, no need to fret. The actor will be back as he is focusing on his movie career. Samberg is in a new movie along with Adam Sandler entitled “That’s My Boy”.

With Wiig and now Samberg not returning to ‘SNL’, do you think the show can fill the void with either current cast members or signing on new talent?

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