‘Seinfeld’ Season 10?

For years after ‘Seinfeld’ went off the air, many fans were wondering what it would have been like if the show hadn’t of ended in its ninth season. It was revealed that NBC offered Jerry Seinfeld $100 Million to do a tenth season of the show. Keep in mind that at that time, ‘Seinfeld’ was the #1 show in primetime on any network.

Some of us would have taken that money in a heartbeat, because lets face it, that’s a lot of dough! However, Jerry wasn’t as tempted by the money. He turned down the offer because at that time in his life, he wanted to start a family and start working on some personal goals in his life which he wasn’t able to do with the schedule that show was on, as he helped write episodes along with producing the show.

A year after the show wrapped, Jerry met his wife and has the family he always wanted. The old saying is true; there are some things in life money can’t buy.


  1. NBC should have upped it to like 500 million….
    lol, I found the show to be awesome, and enjoyed the curb version recently, seeing them all together!

  2. Well, it’s never too late, maybe next year 😀

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