Arsenio Hall

After months of back-breaking tasks, board room firings and extreme competition, the newest “Celebrity Apprentice” was crowned last night by Mr. Trump himself, and that man was Arsenio Hall.

The finals of the competition saw Arsenio go head to head with former “American Idol” constant (and runner-up) Clay Aiken in a task that saw each man fighting to raise money an awareness for his respective charity. Clay went with a carnival theme, as his foundation is catered for kids and was a nice tie in, which had many people playing the carnival themed games at the event (Mr.Trump included). Arsenio went a different route, with something that obviously comes natural to him, and that was a comedy line-up theme.

In the end, with elements of each persons game play mentioned throughout the entire competition, it was Clay Aiken being the last celebrity axed in the boardroom by Mr. Trump, which led to Arsenio garnering the title of “Celebrity Apprentice”.

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