Kristen Wiig Last SNL

This past Saturday night was a land mark episode of “Saturday Night Live” and it wasn’t because Mick Jagger hosted and performed or because it was the last episode of the season. No, this past Saturday was un-officially Kristen Wiig’s last time on the show, well, as a cast member that is.

In what was a graduation ceremony type of sketch. Mick Jagger played the principal of a school, congratulating his students on moving on to “college” but in particular he congratulated a special class mate, Kristen Wiig. As she held back tears, Mick Jagger along with The Arcade Fire played “Rainbows”, as cast members came out one by one to dance the last dance with their friend, including ‘SNL’ creator Lorne Michaels. After Mick Jagger thanked the musical acts and special guests, he launched into “Ruby Tuesday” along with the entire cast including old favourites like Chris Kattan, Amy Poehler and special guest Jon Hamm singing along. As Wiig was singing and got to the part of the song “I will never forget you”, she pointed to the New York audience.

It was an emotional and classy send off that was only fitting for Wiig. Fans, don’t fret, although she won’t be on ‘SNL’ as a regular cast member going forward, we’re sure she’ll show up from time to time to make a cameo like so many other past ‘SNL’ alum have. Plus, you’ll be able to see her on the big screen of your favourite movie theatre as she has many movies currently in the works.

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