Alcatraz Locks Up Viewers


On March 21st, 1963 over three hundred inmates and more than forty guards disappeared from the Alcatraz island prison without a trace. To cover up the disappearance, the United States government told the public that the prisoners had been transferred off the island, to another prison. Federal Agent Emerson Hauser (Sam Neil – “Jurassic Park”), a young police officer in charge of transferring the inmates to the island in 1963, is one of the first people to discover that the inmates are actually missing, not transferred as documented.  The show flip-flops between San Francisco in 1963 and San Francisco in present day.   In present day San Francisco, the inmates begin re-appearing. However, after all the years that have passed, they haven’t aged at all and have no recollection of what has happened to them and how many years have passed. Even more strangely, the government has been waiting for their return with Agent Hauser now leading a secret investigations unit dedicated to tracking down the returning prisoners. He enlists the help of detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) and Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia “LOST”), a publish expert of the history of Alcatraz and its inmates.  The inmates return with no recollection of how they are in present day San Francisco, but almost unfazed, they continue their criminal ways.

The show has been compared to “Lost” in a sense where at the moment there are more secrets and questions than answers while watching the show. Plus, “Alcatraz” is produced by J.J. Abrams, who also created “Lost”.  The show has a terrific supporting cast as well. A character that is introduced to us early on in the season is Lucy, played by the talented Parminder Nagra (“Bend it Like Beckham”, “ER”). Lucy in 1963 San Francisco is a psychiatrist who worked at Alcatraz, trying to understand the prisoners and to get answers for the warden and officers whom worked the island.  Soon, more inmates begin appearing in present day San Francisco, with an urge to kill, steal, and continue doing what they did in 1963, which led them to the worlds most dangerous prison.

With so many reality shows clogging up networks, it’s nice to see a dramatic, creative piece of writing become more of a focus. “Alcatraz” allows the viewers to escape for an hour each week and get lost in the world of some of the most dangerous inmates, America and the world has ever known or heard about. For the entire hour, viewers (us included) are on pins and needles, wanting to know and figure out what is happening in the current episode being watched, and most importantly, how some cases and characters are connected to each other.

As fans of the show, hell, as fans of scripted dramatic television, we sincerely hope “Alcatraz” receives a second season. There’s nothing worse than a show, which you’re invested in, getting cancelled without any closure. Just look at “The Event”. Their audience was left with more questions than answers after the first season wrapped. Regardless, we highly recommend watching “Alcatraz” and if you enjoy not knowing what’s coming next, shady characters and plot twists, this shows for you.

If you watch the show or want to get into it and have some questions, feel free to post a comment below and we’ll gladly answer them. Get in on the discussion and discover why “Alcatraz” is the new show to invest in.

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