New Girl


In a TV world dominated by reality television programming and other shows that shouldn’t even be allowed to be broadcast on major networks, Fox’s hit comedy; “New Girl” anchored by the beautiful and funny Zooey Deschanel, has set the tone for any new show, which hopes to break through the clutter, make an impact, and gain a solid viewing audience.

The show is a fresh look on modern day female/male relationships. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is an offbeat, caring 20-something girl, who has just broken up with her long-term boyfriend due to his infidelity and in doing so needs to find a place to live. She moves in with three guys, which have their own unique attributes and characteristics. Nick is the most responsible and grounded of the three guys. He takes the leadership role within the group, and works as a bartender at a local pub. Nick also has had relationship problems as of late; his girlfriend recently broke up with him (well, it’s been months, but the wounds are still fresh). Schmidt considers himself as a modern-day Casanova. Remember, that’s how he views himself; the ladies unfortunately don’t share the same mindset on Schmidt as he comes across as an egotistical and womanizing male. It’s so bad, that the guys have a “douche jar” specifically for Schmidt, as he’s been known to say the most absurd things that can only be classified as “douchey” (hence, the jar). The third friend is Winston, who has just returned from overseas where he was a professional basketball player in Latvia, where the teams logo is a Fig, as Schmidt makes sure to point out.  Jess’ friend Cece (Hannah Simone) is a professional model, and was pretty much the capper for the guys (well, mostly Schmidt) allowing her to move in with them. She is the perfect balance for Jess’ quirkiness and dishes out relationship advice for her best friend.

“New Girl” is a fresh new look at a show built around friendships. Most importantly is that the dialogue and scenarios ring true to the viewers. Everybody has broken up with someone or has been dumped in the past, has needed a fresh new start and lets face it, the show is able to speak to their core audience. “New Girl” has only aired three episodes since it debuted this past fall. The show is currently on hiatus as FOX will be airing the World Series for the remainder of October, but no need to fret, “New Girl” returns to FOX (U.S) and CityTV (Canada) on November 1st @ 9:30PM ET.

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