‘Big Brother’: Season 13


Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means! No: not endless summer nights, long days at the beach or your favourite meat sizzling on the barbecue. Well, it does, but it means something even bigger than that (depends on how you look at it)! It means that another season of Big Brother is right around the corner!

The show has been a summer time staple for TV lovers across North America (yes, Canadians watch it too).  Fans of the hit TV show tune in 3 times a week to see all the drama go down in the house on cable television. Then there are the die-hard fans that subscribe to the live feed over at CBS for their Big Brother fix. For those of you who might not be familiar with what I’m talking about, the live feed is exactly what it sounds like. Viewers can watch the house guests every move, every breath, every action online live in real time. Although I am a big fan, I’ve never done this but I do know of some people who subscribe to the live feed and they’ve said that it’s exactly like being a fly on the wall inside the Big Brother House.

Big Brother always and I mean ALWAYS turns out big twists and surprises for their viewers, which causes the shock factor to be one of the main reasons for casual fans to tune into every episode throughout the summer. There have been some great twists in past Big Brother seasons. Who can forget the season entitled “The X Factor”? Viewers tuned in as the first half of house mates moved into the house, when the second batch of house mates arrived they were shocked to see that each was paired up with an ex from their past, which by they way producers made sure their relationships didn’t always end on a mature note. Then there were the twins that were playing as one person the entire game! They would meet in a secret location, switch clothing and inform the other of the happenings in the house during that particular week only in a matter of minutes!

There is an upside to the Big Brother competition. Not only do these strangers end up making life long friendships (in some cases) and win cash prizes and trips (if they are lucky enough to win competitions) throughout the summer, but we’ve also seen relationships begin and re-start because of the show. Remember Jessica and Eric? The sweet girl from down south ended up falling for a somewhat “nerdy” and socially uncomfortable housemate! Then there was Dick Donato or as he called himself; “Evil Dick” and his estranged daughter Danielle who ended up creating an alliance (which many didn’t see coming because of their animosity towards each other) and ended up in the finals, with Dick winning the competition.

Season 13 looks like it can be the best Big Brother to date! You can rack your brain trying to think of what the new twist in the game will be, or how the house guests will act once inside the Big Brother house or you can sit back relax and enjoy the all drama and mayhem once Season 13 airs July the 7th on CBS.

We suggest you go ahead with the second option.

For everything Big Brother visit the shows official web page below!


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