‘Happy Endings’ Makes Us Happy!

Happy Endings

It’s been a very long time since any show has hit the airwaves that has been compared to a successful comedic gem of a show such as ‘Friends’ but ABC might have just hit the “nail on the head” with their new comedy; ‘Happy Endings’, which stars Canadian born actress Elisha Cuthbert.

The plot of the show is simple. Six friends (which consists of one couple, an ex-couple, a gay guy and his friend) live in Chicago and share their life experiences with each other. You know earlier how we compared the show to ‘Friends’? Yeah, well we wouldn’t have done that if we didn’t feel so strongly about it. This is ‘Friends’ for the new generation. What you can get away with on TV has changed since the iconic show left the airwaves. However, ‘Happy Endings’ brings a fresh take on friendship, relationships and life problems to the genre.

Here’s a little bit of info to get you on track for the show:

Alex (played by Elisha Cuthbert) is about to get married to Dave (Zachary Knighton) when right before saying “I Do” runs off and leaves him at the altar. However, the two try to move on from that awkward moment, trying to date other people while still remaining friends.  Jane (Eliza Coupe) is Alex’s neurotic and some-what perfectionist of a sister, who is married to Brad (Daman Wayans Jr.). Penny (Ex SNL cast member: Casey Wilson) is the loud but hilarious one in the group, who has a gay best friend named Max (Adam Pally).

The show simply works. It almost feels like you’re hanging out with them, living and experiencing the crazy and funny shenanigans together. The best part about the show is that many situations, which have been tackled on the show, are situations that everybody can relate to. Whether it’s trying to find a new roommate, with the “help” from a friend, dating someone you know isn’t right for you but dragging it on for not having “the talk” with him/her, we’ve all been there, and I believe that’s how the show is going to evolve and become a hit. When the audience can relate to a character or an particular event that is happening, it rings true with the viewers and keeps them coming back for more to see what other crazy occurrences might take place between the six friends. Mark our words, Happy Endings will in-fact be a major comedy show that will help ABC remain at the top of the TV charts.

For everything Happy Endings, check out the official site http://abc.go.com/shows/happy-endings

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We are extremely excited to let all of our blog readers know that “Happy Endings” has been picked up for a second season!

With amazing TV shows getting canned this past May or not even seeing the light of day after the first season (i.e.: ‘Freaks and Geeks’) this is one show that deserves to be given a loyal fan base, terrific time-slot (possibly as a lead in to ‘Modern Family’) and to extend it’s wings and soar to successful TV heights such as ‘Friends’ and ABC seems to be the only network, extending the life of new sitcoms and knowing that growing a fan base will take a little bit of time; mostly mid-second season.

For that, we tip our hat to you. Kudos ABC!

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